Totally transparent gameplay

“If you know the opponent and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles” Sun Tzu
Since we bring back fun to online poker, we must ensure that every USDT spent in the game will bring more joy.
PokerDAO matchmaking mechanics allows revealing quantitative and qualitative data for any player, so anyone can decide who to play with
We aim to integrate matchmaking mechanics later in the game process
Develop abuse-less DAO poker with its own rules to provide a seamless game process similar to regular online poker.
The PokerDAO team created a system for assessing the game level, focusing on several indicators. For each type of game and betting amount, the system considers the parameter of total EVbb before rake, which is the total expectation of the big blinds won at this limit, which ensures the fastest convergence of the estimation accuracy and levels the influence of variance.
Focusing on this parameter, while selecting a game, the system determines the weakest player from those searching for a session. It forms a table based on his level, filling the remaining seats with players with the nearest parameter values. At the same time, rematching takes place every 20 minutes, and the table compositions are updated.
Professional players who want to make money on amateur players will try to abuse and bypass the matchmaking system by creating accounts with a low value of total EVbb parameters.
Since we do not want to complicate the procedure for creating accounts, as this will reduce the conversion to registration from novice users, building a system of protection against abuse is necessary. The system prevents creating multiple accounts from one person.
Last modified 3mo ago